Unicondylar Knee Replacement
Is walking with osteoarthritis knee a daunting experience for you?  is knee pain-killing you while climbing upstairs?  Then unicondylar knee replacement can be helpful for you. Knee

Partial knee replacement or unicondylar knee replacement is considered a potential alternative to total knee replacement for those suffering from osteoarthritis or damage confined in one knee compartment.

Earlier, knee replacement was considered an option for the elderly. Today, with improvements in implant and surgery techniques, all patients affected with knee osteoarthritis can benefit from unicondylar knee replacement.

What is Unicondylar Knee Replacement?

Unicondylar Knee Replacement is Partial Knee Replacement. It is done when only one knee compartment is affected by osteoarthritis, and only the damaged part is replaced with a minimal prosthesis.

Here is an image showing the anatomy of the osteoarthritis knee seeking partial knee replacement and the prosthesis used for partial knee replacement.

Arthritic knee joint swells up and makes knee movement constricted. Due to osteoarthritis, connective tissue, called articular cartilage, wears away, which causes friction in swelled knee joint movement.

The Unicondylar Knee Replacement aims to replace the worn articular connective tissue of the knee joint with a 2-part prosthesis: one base and another metal cap slider (docked on femur cap)to mimic the original knee joint function.

Here is the comparison of the normal knee joint and arthritic knee joint that needs partial joint surgery.

Normal VS Arthritic Knee                                                                                                     Normal Knee Versus Arthritic Knee Arthritic Knee & Partial Knee Replacement                                                                                           Damaged Knee Part Replaced With Prosthesis The red part in first part of the image shows the diseased joint. The second part of the image shows a diseased part of the knee joint replaced with a partial prosthesis that comprises a base and femur cap that slides on the base like a normal knee.

I am 40, and one of my knees is sore with Osteoarthritis. Can I get a Partial Knee Replacement?

About 5-6 per cent of people suffering from osteoarthritis are eligible for partial knee replacement, and most of them age between 40-60 years. People with medial (inner knee) or lateral (outer knee) osteoarthritis are eligible for unicondylar knee replacement in which the wear and tear is limited to one compartment. You can also opt for it if your knee has
  • A limited range of motion
  • Severe pain while walking or stepping up
  • Knee non-responsive anti-inflammatory medications, therefore, causing severe knee pain and other knee joint problems.
While recommending a partial knee replacement, the surgeon ensures the following points about your knee:
  • X-ray clearly shows one affected part of the knee
  • You have a stable knee with no angular deformity.
  • Your anterior cruciate ligament ACL is intact, and you should be able to perform knee movements.
With increased advancements, better prosthetics and accurate surgeries, more active people are choosing partial knee replacement to live an active and fulfilled life.

Benefits of Unicondylar Knee Replacement Over Total Knee Replacement

Compared to the total knee replacement, unicondylar knee replacement offers the following benefits
  • Preservation of healthy tissues and bones in the knee, encouraging better knee function.
  • Better range of knee motions
  • Lesser invasive knee surgery and faster recovery
  • Less blood loss during surgery
That is why partial knee replacement is chosen by many adults 40-60 years of age, facing knee issues due to arthritis.

What are the demerits of not opting for Unicondicuar Knee Replacement when needed?

The surgery is an advanced treatment recommended if the arthritis is progressive or non-responsive to anti-inflammatory medications. Continuing non-responsive treatments will only escalate osteoarthritis further, requiring total knee replacement surgery in the near future. Arthritis Stages                                                                                                   Arthritis Progression in 4 Stages

Hence, when recommended, opting for the surgery should be an optimistic choice because it will defer the total knee surgery requirement in the future, help you live an active and fit life, and avoid obesity.

Take a step forward, and walk stress-free with our safe and advanced Unicondylar knee replacement surgery. With a comprehensive diagnosis, in-centre surgery and aftercare, you shall be able to resume your daily life soon. Contact us to schedule an appointment with us.

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