Hip Replacement Surgery In Mumbai

Hip Replacement Surgery in Mumbai


Hip replacement, also called hip arthroplasty, is one of the most common and successful orthopedic surgeries in the last four decades. With technological advances, surgical procedures have evolved considerably, improving the results of hip replacement surgery in Mumbai. The latest hip replacement surgeries are done with MISS procedure that is minimally invasive procedures, that are more accurate with faster recovery.

The hip supports the entire spine’s weight, redistributed in the hips, bones, and muscles, and enables us to perform major actions like sitting and standing. The hip bones comprise a ball-and-socket joint, which is cushioned and protected by cartilage. The socket is formed by the acetabulum( part of the pelvis bone), and the ball is the femoral head( head of the thighbone).In some conditions of hip damage such as accidents, osteoarthritis in the socket, drying of lubricant may cause interrupted movement and dysfunction of the hip joint.

If the hip joint dysfunction causes a major problem concerning a surgery, then our hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai suggests a hip replacement surgery. This article intends to explain the anatomy of the hip, procedure details, benefits of hip replacement surgery to describe surgery facts better.

Anatomy Of Hip Joint

The hip joint components that help in the movement are as follows:

Acetabulum– Acetabulum is a socket-like structure, which is part of the pelvis. It is smooth from the inside to ease rotational motion by the femoral head.

Femoral Head– Femur, the long and strong thigh bone, and its round-shaped head is called the femoral head. It is covered with soft cartilage to ease rotational movement. The femoral head fits in the acetabulum socket.

Bands Of Ligament and cartilage on Femoral Head- The cartilage and ligament bands ease hip movements and protect it from injury. Lubricating fluid is produced in the socket to nourish and lubricate the joint function.

The hip joint is a socket structure with a femoral head docked inside the acetabulum. When the lubricant dries or osteoporosis cause femoral head bone rupture, the joint movement undergoes friction, causing wear, pain, and dysfunction of hip joints. The hip replacement surgery in Mumbai aims to replace the joint with a prosthesis implant( comprising an acetabulum cup implant and femoral ball head replacement) that functions just like a natural hip joint, restoring motions and stabilizing the structure.

How Is The Evaluation For Requirement of Hip Replacement Surgery Done?

The surgeon takes into account several things before recommending a hip arthroplasty. He deduces for surgery in the following ways:

  • Medical history – Your orthopedic surgeon will ask about the extent of hip pain and its impact on your everyday life.
  • Physical examination – He will examine hip mobility, strength, and alignment through specific movements.
  • X-rays – The surgeon uses imaging or screening tests to see through damage or deformity in your hip visually and gauge and plan procedures accordingly.
  • MRI scan – An orthopedic or hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai may recommend a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan needed to determine detailed internal images of bone and soft tissues of your hip.

Procedure Of Hip Replacement Surgery In Mumbai

The hip replacement is done through MISS procedure and approached from the side of the groin without damaging the muscles and tendons.

Anesthesia and Incision- Firstly, the hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai assesses the exact incision point. Next, he injects anesthesia to numb the site. He inserts a rod-like endoscopic device to guide him to the exact joint. The surgeon inserts the surgical device carefully, pushing aside two muscles to expose the joint capsule.

Prosthetic Implantation– He then incises the joint capsule, dislocates, and removes the femoral head from the acetabulum. After this, he smoothens the rough cartilage in the internal socket and fixes and prosthetic cup implant. He uses screws or cement to fix the cup properly in place.

Then, a prosthetic femoral head component is docked inside the metal cap. The femur is drilled to contain or hold the prosthetics’ end firmly. Then a plastic, ceramic, or metal spacer is inserted in the prosthetic( new ball and the socket) transforming it into a smooth gliding surface that slips in the drilled femur hole that stabilizes the structure.

Closure Of Incision-The surgeon checks for mobility and stability of prosthetic fixation. Finally, he withdraws the surgical tools closing the muscles, and the incision is closed with tapes or sutures.

Aftercare In Recovery

After the surgery, our orthopedic and hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai will instruct with the following aftercare for the speedy recovery of joints:

  • You will be on bed rest for a couple of days.
  • He will administer certain pain relievers and bone-strengthening medications.
  • In consultation with a physiotherapist, you are advised to practice hip motions under his supervision.
  • Diet is important. Healthy food helps in faster recovery post-surgery.
  • After 3-6 weeks of recovery, you have to exercise, an important component of the recovery process.
  • Include slow movements such as brisk walk, climbing, and other daily activities to restore complete mobility.

Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip replacement surgery provides the following benefits to patients:

  • Improved mobility of hip joints
  • Relief from pain
  • Mitigation of lifestyle problems faced while walking, sitting, jogging, climbing, etc.
  • Improved quality of life

Why Choose Us?

Orthoplanet is one of the most renowned orthopedics and joint care clinic in Dadar Mumbai. We have different branches across the city, with orthopedist consultants and specialists to cater to patients’ needs. Our clinic operates under the guidance of Dr. Abhijit Kale, a joint replacement orthopedic, spine surgeon & hip replacement surgeon who has experience performing intricate orthopedic surgeries for almost 20 years. We aim to provide patients with good orthopedic care affordably.

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