Digital X-Ray Diagnostic Service IN mUMBAI

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What is Digital Radiography?

Digital Radiography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses x-ray images to produce computerized, three-dimensional representations of the body’s bones, joints, and soft tissues. It is used in many medical specialties, including pediatric dentistry, orthopedics, and rheumatology.

What are the types of digital X-rays available at Orthoplanet, Mumbai?

Given below are some major types of digital x-ray machines available in Mumbai:

Digital mammography machine
A digital mammography machine uses digital technology to produce x-ray images.

Tomosynthesis scanner
A tomosynthesis scanner is a machine that takes images from different angles and combines them into one large image.

Cone-beam CT scanner
The cone-beam CT scanners are high-speed, non-invasive x-ray machines that use cone-shaped radiations to create cross-sectional images.

How does digital radiography work?

Digital Radiography works by the X-ray photons that pass through the patient’s body entering a detector, and after that, they are converted into an electronic signal. This signal is then processed and interpreted by a computer program.

Why do we prefer using digital X-rays over traditional X-rays?

Given below are some advantages of digital radiography as weighed against conventional x-rays:

Better image quality
Digital x-rays have a high spatial resolution, and therefore they provide a much higher image quality than conventional radiography. In addition, digital radiography allows to zoom or contrast the images for a better view.

Decreased radiation exposure
Digital radiography demands fewer retakes that mean fewer exposures and thus doesn’t risk its users to high radiations. In addition, the current state-of-art digital sensors are more responsive than an older analog x-ray machine and use up to 70% less radiation to produce a digital image.

Cost-effective and fast processing
Digital x-rays have reduced costs due to eliminating chemical processors, processor maintenance, and filling and mailing jackets. In addition, It is faster and more accurate.

Compared to traditional radiography, a digital x-ray machine is straightforward to use, and one requires only minimal training to use it. In addition, a digital x-ray machine provides easy image storage.

Why chose Orthoplanet in Mumbai for your X-ray diagnostic needs?

Orthoplanet in Dadar, Mumbai, is one of the best medical centers in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our diagnostic experts provide affordable and reliable x-ray imaging and accurate results to help patients diagnose their illness or injury. In addition, they work closely with our doctors and help guide the plan of care for each patient. Contact our diagnostic team if you are looking for an X-Ray test in Dadar, Mumbai.

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